Maison Amalrie: a new shop in Paris where to find plus size clothing for women

Have you read: where to buy plus size clothes? In this article, I talked about the fact that there are several types of shops to find clothes when you dress in plus sizes. The rare type, at least in Paris, is the multi-brand shop where you can find several so-called plus size brands in one place. So when I heard that a new shop had opened, I was excited to check it out.

There are two Maison Amalrie shops. I visited the one in Paris. Maison Amalrie was created by the founders of Size Factory, specialised plus size shops for men. So the plus size market is not unknown to them. They were missing an offer for women, and that’s done. The same promise as the one usually made to plus size buyers: finally a brand / a shop that thinks of you because we understand you. So what do I think?

First of all, the shop: it is located in a busy and easily accessible area, which is a good point. Inside, the decoration is classic and well cared for, and the racks make you want to look. Second good point. Special mention to the spacious and practical fitting rooms. Mine had a mirror inside.

Boutique Maison Almarie in Paris

Then the selection of brands: I would say that there is something for everyone, but rather for the tastes of a woman who likes classic but trendy things. Don’t go looking for an underground or ultra sexy look. And from my point of view, that’s good. It’s a pretty coherent set of possibilities. The price range is varied: for each type of clothing, I saw things at affordable prices and things at higher prices.

I went there to find a pair of trousers. And there was a good surprise, there was a choice: different cuts, different materials, several jeans. I tried on several: I had chosen some, the others were recommended to me by the saleswomen. Everything suited me and it felt good, so that’s to be commended. After that, tastes and colours…

The day I went in, I was lucky because I was alone in the shop for the whole of my shopping and I was therefore able to benefit from the help of the two shop assistants. I told them what I wanted, and they made suggestions that corresponded to my desires and others that went off the beaten track, without insisting. I think it was a good balance. I played the game, I tried many things. That’s what I like about multi-brand shops, it’s an opportunity to test the sizing of several brands.

Speaking of plus size brands, I discovered Yesta whose sizing suits me well, as well as not all the pieces but the overall spirit of the collections. And here we come to the reason why I recommend a visit to Maison Amalrie: I found one of my grails: shirts! For me, tops are quite an adventure, often I don’t know what to wear and I’m left with skirts and trousers that I can’t wear because I don’t have a suitable top. Here I found not one but two shirts! I could even have taken more tops, I liked others but you have to be sensible. But as far as I can remember, this is the first time I’ve had too many choices for tops!

For the rest, we find Marina Rinaldi, Mat Fashion, one of my favourites, Yoek, etc. Safe brands in the plus size universe. There aren’t many brands but there are those that we expect to see. Don’t look for bold or cutting edge brands, that’s not the promise. On the other hand, if you have an unexpected event and absolutely need an outfit right now and not in three days, I would say Maison Amalrie is one of your best chances to find what you are looking for.

I’ll go back. I will certainly prepare my visit by consulting Maison Amalrie’s website beforehand because, that’s also a good point, for once, what’s on the website corresponds well to what’s in the shop. After that, I still recommend going to the shop to shop because, for example, I’m not sure I would have bought my shirts online, not seeing that they would fit me so well.

As I like to optimise my shopping sessions, I’ll end by saying that Maison Amalrie is not far from the lingerie boutique Un amour de lingerie and COS, where you can make clothes diversions.

The address: 15 rue de Turbigo 75 002 Paris (my visit dates from December 2022)
The website: Maison Almalrie

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