4 French Plus Size Clothing Designers to Dress with Style and Ethics

All too often, plus-size women are blamed for not having a sustainable approach when choosing their clothes. Yet, if plus-size women do indeed resort to fast-fashion it is far more often for lack of any other alternative than by choice.

For a long time, the brands that offered plus-size collections were, how can I say… a bit old-fashioned and mostly sold through mail order. In France, the first physical stores to have offered plus-size brands were fast-fashion chains.

The plus-size consumer has the same desires as the lambda consumer: to be able to buy sustainable, ethical, stylish clothes at reasonable prices

With so few choices available, the plus-size fashionista was a bit resigned: it was already good to find her size, she wasn’t going to demand anything else. But that’s over. Today, even if she undoubtedly has specific needs, she also and above all has the same desires as the lambda fashionista: to be able to build a sustainable, ethical, stylish dressing room, at reasonable prices.

And four French plus size clothing designers respond to these desires and offer an offer of plus-size clothing for women that makes you want to reconcile with fashion.

Almé Paris

Photo from the Almé website

Almé is a bit of a buy for reason. There’s not necessarily something about the brand that allows you to form an emotional connection with it, but the designs are pretty, effective and timeless. One of the particularities of Almé is its will to be present in physical stores as it is the case recently in the Printemps store in Marseille

Sizes: from 36 to 54

The site: https://www.almeparis.com/

Ibilola by Gaëlle Prudencio

Photo from Ibilola website

Because these are collections that feature wax and are produced in Africa. Because they are often simple models so timeless. It all started with skirts but my recent favorite thing is the shirt dresses. And because it is a nice nose to all these unfounded fashion diktats that would like curvy women to wear neither patterns nor colors.

Sizes: 44 to 62

The site: https://ibilola.com/

Make My Lemonade

Make My Lemonade website photo

Only some of the designs are available in larger sizes. Obviously, too few for my taste, me who would like to see inclusion on all models. But, I love that while so many new brands are not offering anything, Make My Lemonade is making the effort to already offer a number of models, without the plus size distinction. And I also like their recent search for new models in order to develop new models in plus sizes.

Sizes : some models only go up to 52

The website : https://www.makemylemonade.com/

Les Militantes

Picture from the Les Militantes online store

Sometimes there are inexplicable, immediate and wholehearted crushes. I discovered the behind-the-scenes of this designer that had not yet launched on Instagram and I was immediately embroiled in this beautiful story. I waited for the launch in September 2021 of the first collection and oh, how pretty these pieces are! With my favorite for this jacket in beautiful blue. Congratulations and long and prosperous life to Les Militantes.

Sizes: from 44 to 56

The website : https://lesmilitantes.com/

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